Compulsive Eating

Compulsive eating can rob you of your health and self-worth. You may frequently feel that your life is out of control and your eating habits are standing in the way of you having the life you want.

Jill can help you address the underlying issues

of compulsive eating and take control of your life.

For many who struggle with their weight, it’s not about will power, self-discipline or laziness – it’s about addiction. Diets and exercise do not treat addiction. If you use food or overeat to numb or alter the way you feel and can’t stop this pattern, you may have an addiction.
— Stacey Thacker of LifeSTYLE Transformation
Compulsive Eating Resources

Compulsive Eating Resources

Treatment for compulsive eating is not a diet and the focus is not on weight loss - although that is a common side effect of therapy. Jill will help you identify the roots of the unhealthy behaviors that keep you stuck and feeling hopeless. 

Therapy will arm you with hands-on tools to change your relationship with food and live free of compulsive eating. You will learn to listen to your body and empower yourself over food.


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