Fertility Issues

Fertility issues compound relationship issues. Instead of growing more emotionally connected, couples feel wrenched apart by "biological blame" - pinpointing the medical cause of infertility. Many men and women describe drowning in the shame of "not being good enough."

During the course of treatment, couples are often faced with extremely difficult moral dilemmas. And with each round of treatment uncertainty grows, and the couple faces unending waves of loss and grief. The journey through infertility is emotionally painful and socially isolating. 



            More Infertility Resources

            More Infertility Resources

You can expect couples therapy to: 

  • focus on repairing your emotional bond
  • nurture a safe haven in each other
  • empower your moral voice in the face of procedure pressures
  • reclaim sexual intimacy from baby-making
  • identify social boundaries to protect the privacy of your relationship
  • create awareness of joy and happiness along this journey
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