Jill has a warm and comfortable presence. She will put her years of training and hours of specialized practice to work for you. You will get focused attention and skillful support. 

In sessions, you will gain practical information and take-home strategies. You can change your current struggle. Jill can help.


Couples Therapy

Jill assists marriage partnerships and committed couples to communicate more effectively and rekindle their love. She supports couples struggling with infertility to reclaim their intimacy and reconnect as a partnership. Jill has specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT, for short). EFT is a research-based therapy that boasts a higher success rate than any other kind of couples therapy. And Jill is currently completing the rigorous certification process to become a Certified EFT Therapist. 

Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Jill has invested thousands of clinical hours treating trauma and addiction. She works with women of all ages who struggle with pornography and masturbation. She also specializes in helping women heal from betrayal trauma - depression and anxiety that result from being wounded in their intimate relationships. Jill is an affiliate therapist for LifeSTAR St. George, the only addiction recovery program to treat partner trauma simultaneously.

Whether you are struggling to feel hope

need a change in your relationship

or looking for healing

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